"Tandem Paragliding Flights "

In Nyons ( France, Provence ) and around
Accessible to everyone
, with a weight higher than 35 kg, without age limit.

« Discovery »
 Tariff : 55 €

Take off with just a few steps, discover the lightness of flying a paraglider,and participate in the flight
before a gentle return to earth.
About 5 minutes of flying time or 400 m of height difference

« Parascending »
Tariffs : 70 €             1Low season : 65 €


Take-off is a formality.
Accompanied by a highly qualified pilot, you’ll discover
the pleasure of being lifted up in the sky by the thermals, and to fly with the grace of a bird

You’ll have the possibility to take control of the glider
in all security, under supervision of the instructor

Pleasure, sweetness and rapture of flight warranty.

Beware of getting addicted!!
About 10 - 20 minutes of flying time

« Escape » Tariff : 85 €


You feel like making a little tour through the air with
a tandem paraglider ?

Discover the fun and the unique sensations of
a longer paraglider flight. Take-off, climbing in the sky,
strolling along the mountain crests and flying over
the valleys.
You’ll learn to control a paraglider, while flying in a beautiful landscape.                                    

About 30 minutes of flying time                                                           

« Performance » Tariff : 120 €                 April to September only


Coming forth from competition flying experience...
Discover long distance flying.
If weather conditions are good, you’ll fly and live
a unique experience at cloud base, hovering over
villages and mountain crests.

You’ll see kilometres pass under our feet.

An exceptional experience in every possible way                         

" Have you ever touched a cloud ? "                                               

Minimum 45 minutes of flying time                                                          

« Adrénalin-Freestyle » Tariff : 100 € 

If you’re tired of “would-be” sensations, we’ll pass on to the next dimension.
Prepare your heart; it’s going to be a very intense experience…


Our engagements « Baronnies-Parapente - Lou Ventoun »

It’s YOUR tandem flight, the way YOU like it!
A pedagogic and pleasant approach
Security and pleasure before all

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where : Baronnies-Parapente "Lou Ventoun" is primarily active in the Nyons region in the Drôme (next to Avignon) and in the valley of the Ennuyé river (Sainte-Jalle; le Poët Sigillat etc.) .
The exact flying site is chosen depending on the meteorological conditions of the moment.
"Some days beforehand we’ll pick the time and the place of the flight.
This information will be confirmed the evening before the flight."

Take-off with a Paraglider:
A few steps and you’re in the air, getting off on a beautiful smooth flight
with a view on the Mont Ventoux,  accompanied by a highly qualified pilot/instructor..

Landing with a Paraglider: : Like take-off, with a few steps if necessary

Practical advice « Baronnies-Parapente "Lou Ventoun" » :
Wear a jacket or a sweater, and shorts or trousers according to weather conditions. Footwear: Sneakers or walking shoes
Relax, paragliding is much smoother and less stressing than you might expect


logo-bapteme-parapente-baronnies-nyons-tandemDiscover also our "Baronnies-Parapente - Lou Ventoun " GIFT VOURCHERS !
Christmas, birthdays, father’s or mother’s day, etc …
Together we’ll organize an unforgettable surprise !

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- Low season Tariff's : november to mars - Parental consent for minors .

Prices include a passenger insurance, the use of adapted and controlled gear.

Tariffs 2011 (10/12/10), Without Taxe - "TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI.
Dispensé d’immatriculation en application de l’article L 123-1-1 du code de commerce"